Wedding decoration : use ink pad !

I think ink pad is a good idea to customize your wedding decoration and to do it easily ! You can decide to use ink pads that are already on sale or you can design your own logo for your wedding decoration. Of course, the ideal is to use this ink pad as much as possible (not too much) like a watchword !

You can start with the save the date, and then on the invitations. Then you can use your ink pad for the menu, the ceremony booklet and even the thank you card. It can be a little bit expensive if you decide to create your own logo and your own ink pad consequently. But the you’ll save money on your wedding decoration budget as you can use the ink pad everywhere.

To keep the spirit, you can ask your guests to let their fingerprints on a nice drawing. It will be a nice entertainment for your guests and a good way to complete your wedding decoration, still using ink (without pad !)

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