Wedding decoration : what are the Spring flowers ?

When I speak with my clients about wedding decoration, usually the brides have some specific ideas about the flowers they want to use for their wedding. But sometimes, the flowers they prefer are not available when they get married. Besides, we don’t know very well all the kind of flowers we can use for a wedding decoration. So, today, in order to help you, you’ll find below all the Spring flowers. I am sure you’ll find some good ideas for your wedding decoration !

Let’s begin by the very traditional and romantic Spring flowers. For your wedding decoration, I suggest you first peonies, because I really like these flowers. They are perfect if you want to create a elegant and charming wedding decoration. You can also use camelias which are a good alternative to peonies. Buttercups are also beautiful flowers and you can find them with very different colors. Honeslty these flowers are much better than basic roses ! My favorite Spring flowers for wedding decoration are anemones, especially the white ones ! If you are thinking of a purple wedding, violets are the best !

Spring flowers are very numerous and you can be very creative on your wedding decoration thanks to the lilly of the valley, wax flowers (also called jasmine), forget me not flowers (I like the name of this flower in English. In French, it is myosotis). The one, I like very much too is craspedia : a beautiful yellow color, an original shape and texture. If your wedding decoration is linked with golf, you should use craspedia. Last but not least, gloriosa are just fascinating !

As you can see, there are many possibilities with Spring flowers to create a customised and refined wedding decoration !

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