Wedding dinner under a marquee in France

In my last post, I explained you that we organised a wedding ceremony and dinner in a rustic and very romantic wedding venue in France. I showed you some pictures of the ceremony and the venue, but today I would like to present you some pictures of the wedding dinner under a marquee.

Indeed, the bride and the groom wished to have the wedding dinner outside and agreed that a marquee would be a good idea. First, it’s always better to have a marquee if your dinner is outside in case of bad weather. If you don’t have a plan B inside the buidlding, that can be very complicated. Secondly the bride and the groom wished to have a design marquee for their wedding in France and we found one at a fair price !

This marquee sets a contrast with the rustic building and the centerpieces we created for the wedding dinner. As a matter of fact, the bride and the groom wished to keep the decoration simple but customised. We decided to make a mix between fruits and flowers. Instead of the vases, roses and apricots were put in a wooden box with the names of the bride and the groom.

Honey pots were added by the bridal couple as gifts for the guests. Globally the guests were first amazed by the marquee, then they liked the simple but customized wedding centerpieces and eventually enjoyed the great food of this wedding dinner in France !

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