Wedding in Spain : the first pictures

Last week, we were in Spain, in Sevilla precisely in order to organise a wedding party for 100 French guests. Here are the first pictures of the decoration of this beautiful wedding in Spain ! Enjoy !

This wedding in Spain take place in an amazing and traditional building called « Hacienda ». This picture presents the way we use a very big tree to set up all the guests’ names before the dinner. Thanks to the sun and a small wind, the effect was really beautiful.  

Before the diner, we organised a very romantic wedding ceremony in the gardens of the Hacienda.

We ask the florist to create a specific decoration for this wedding in Spain.  For the aisle, he put white roses in test-tube and fix them with a transparent string. As you can see, the roses are hung up in the air !!

I’ll present you this week more pictures about this wedding in Spain …be patient !!!

лекарства от вегето сосудистой дистонии