Wedding mood board : a color block wedding !

This is a a fashion trend, that’s why today I wanted to show you a wedding mood board about the color block attitude ! Indeed, I realized that the guests are more and more happy to wear very flashy color. Consequently I am sure they will be seduced by a color block wedding.

I advice you to create a color block wedding especially if the wedding venue is not stunning. If you have to organise the wedding party in a field or in a farmhouse, this wedding mood board can give you some ideas to decorate the place ! Use colorful paper lanterns for instance. You can fix them easily and the result is very beuatiful (and it’s not very expensive). Ask your bridemaids to choose the same dress but in a very different color. The result on the weddings pics will be fantastic !

If you’re a little bit afraid about doing a color block wedding or if you are hesitating with a vintage inspiration, have a closer look at this wedding mood board. As you can see below, it’s totally possible to create a very colorful wedding decoration with a vintage spirit !

You have many possibilities to create a color block wedding decoration : the flowers, the tableclothes or the napkins can be the main elements of your wedding decoration. Accessories for guests can also be a good idea. Feel free to suggest us ideas to complete our wedding mood board !

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