Wedding signs and words for your decoration

This is a trend in the wedding decoration : bridal couples wish to add more and more wedding signs to decorate the wedding venue and to indicate the different areas to the guests. Indeed, wedding signs can be very useful if you organise everything in the same venue : the ceremony, the aperitive and the dinner. More over, most of the bridal couples organise different entertainments for the guests. It’s good to tell them where the photobooth is, where the candy bar is ….

That’s the reason why wedding signs are becoming a part of the wedding decoration : if you’re in a vintage wedding spirit, wooden panels can be a good idea for instance. Bridal couples tried also to be fun with the wedding signs. I personnaly like the « I do / We did » sign. Indeed, wedding decoration can be done with humour !

If you have good ideas about wedding signs, do not hesitate to share with our readers about your wedding decoration inspirations !

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