Wedding table decoration in France : what you can rent !

One week, we were invited to an event by one of our big provider. This company rent furniture and crockery for wedding table decoration. This is a great opportunity for us to show you some examples of decoration that might inspire you for your wedding in France !

Indeed, many of our customers don’t know before talking to us that you can rent tables, chairs and above glasses, underplates, plates to create a very specific wedding table decoration. In France, there are 2 main providers who are located in Paris and in the south of France. The pictures came from the biggest one.

Thanks to this event, you realise that your wedding table decoration can be customised depending on your wedding theme. You can for instance choose black glasses if you imagine a very modern wedding table decoration in France or a pink tablecloth !

Quite everything is possible and this is just some possibilites here, so do not hesitate to ask us advices for your wedding table decoration in France !

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