Wedding theme for golf players !

I know that golf players are really addicted to this sport and if you ask them to get married in a golf course, they can be really seduced by this idea. By the way, in France, like in many other countries, it is possible to organise a wedding on a golf. So why don’t you consider golf as a wedding theme ?

First of all, it’s quite easy to realise a golf wedding theme, especially if you decide to rent a golf venue. The natural decor is already there !! Golf players will appreciate from the invitation to speak about their favourite sport. Use golf accessories from the very beginning !

Do not hesitate to involve your guests in this wedding theme. I am sure you ave some other golf players among your guests !! Wedding pictures can be very fun. By the way, why don’t you create a wedidng cake with golf balls or specific cupcakes

As you can see, this wedding theme can be a very good idea for the golf players and lovers.

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