What about a silver gray wedding?!



A silver gray wedding …you will for sure tell me that gray is often used in winter and less in summer but gray colour puts a subtle and sophisticated accent on the wedding.




A silver gray wedding is possible whatever the season! Indeed, in the winter, gray is perfect in combination with metallic and white, while in the spring and summer, the colour gray can pair with a sweet pink or yellow and brighten a light blue or green.


Nobody prays for rain on wedding day, but a soft and neutral gray can set a nice mood!

So what do you think about a silver gray wedding?!



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  1. OMG! You are the first person I’ve seen that is also having a gray and Orange wedding. Mine is in May 2010. Have you found many inspiration boards? I love the color combo, but very hard to find photos of that color combo for weddings. please email me so we can share ideas.


  2. Hey! I know there are far and few between of us having a gray and orange wedding! It is getting more and more popular though. I haven’t found many inspiration boards but there are a few for gray and other colors where you can substitute out the other color for the orange. I have done that for quite a few ideas! I’m September 2010. Good Luck! Let me know!

  3. I love the gray and pink. Getting married Sept 2011 and these are my colors glad I found something to give me some ideas!

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