What about a yellow and grey wedding ?

Dear couple, would you please stop thinking everything in white for your wedding ? Indeed, what don’t you think diferently and imagine your own decoration. Here are some examples of yellow and grey wedding, which I like very much.  

Indeed, I believe that yellow and grey wedding decoration is really unique and not second-hand, compared to the traditional white way of thinking. Grey is chic and yellow floodlights everything. The 2 colors really match harmoniously together. The result can be a very modern decoration or a casual and cheerful decoration.    

Please let me know what you think of a yellow and grey wedding ?

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  1. this has been on my mind for months now as i’ve narrowed down our wedding colors. no matter what other pretty combination i see, yellow+grey always tops the list. i love how pretty and modern the 2 colors are..LOVE!

  2. I LOVE yellow & grey as wedding colours, and am currently trying to figure out a way of doing it, so that the boys don’t need to wear the light grey suits.. also grey & yellow dresses are proving difficult to find!

  3. Ok. Ive always loved the color combination and and ADORE it as a wedding combo, its so chic and modern without being sterile/cold

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