Will you dare a colorful wedding decoration ?

There are some bridal couples who want to dare colorful wedding decoration ? Indeed, they consider that their wedding is a real big party where decoration can be very fun, a little bit less formal and romantical than other weddings. So here are some pictures about very colorful wedding decoration ! Please tell us what you think about it !


I personaly like this wedidng dress which look like a fairy tale or a princess dress. Colorful wedding decoration is a good way to express all your creativity and to suprise your guests. You can even imagine a dress code for all of them linked with your colorful wedding decoration. Otherwise if you’re not 100% sure, maybe you can consider colorful decoration for the day after the wedding ?  

So can you imagine a colorful wedding decoration ?

дета элис

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  1. I would love a dress like the blue and pink one featured on your website but i don’t know where I could get such a dress from please can you help me??


    Helen x

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