Woodstock generation with Events & Home !


As you know summer is the best season to organize a lot of imaginative and outdoors parties. This time, the most important words of this birthday party were Nature and Music: what a perfect harmony to celebrate the Woodstock generation!

Hippie theme is a pleasant way to gather your friends for your birthday or your wedding! Bright and retro- fashion colors are an excellent decoration for your outside and they directly set the party tone: Woodstock generation.
In your second home, an ancient farm or a residence by nature, it is absolutely possible to imagine a hippie and flowery decoration!

Once again, Events & Home show you that mixing originality and nature is not impossible!

Events & Home’s ideas: A 2cv photowall full of colors to welcome all your guests; all the Woodstock generation around the table: multicolored daisies, sunflowers that stand for good weather (key success of your event), mind-expended candle jars, flowery tablecloth and natural furnishings; nonconformist and strong messages on banners: Peace & Love, Under the paving stones lies freedom…

Buffet is the best way to have something to eat because you have to bear in mind that everyone is free to do what he wants whenever he wants!


лечение трихомониаз

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