Yellow and black for your wedding decoration

I know that many bridal couples associate wedding decoration with traditional colors such as white, pink, lavender … but these colors are really perfect if your wedding takes place in the middle of the summer in a beautiful venue with outdoor spaces. But if you plan to organise your wedding in a indoor venue, during Winter or at the beginning of Spring, you should consider other kind of colors. Among them, I think that yellow and black are really nice for a wedding decoration.   

Indeed, imagine that your wedding takes place in a magnificient ball room of a hotel, in the middle of February. I am sure you’ll be worried about your wedding decoration. At this period of time, white and pastel colors are not the best choice. I recommend to go towards flashy colors but still elegant. For instance black is really stylish for wedding decoration in a city. Then if you add a bright color like yellow, the mix is really nice. As you can see on these pictures : yellow and black tone with each other.   

There is no doubt that a yellow and black wedding decoration offers you plenty possibilities to customize your event. Why don’t you select black crockery ? Alone black dishes and glasses can be lifeless but a yellow touch can illuminate easily the decoration and gives to the black element a very sophisticated atmosphere. You can also be very pleased to choose graphical vases and create original bouquets with many different kind of yellow flowers !   

So, what do you think of a yellow and black wedding decoration ?

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