You should dare an over-size wedding decoration !

Don’t be shy for your wedding ! You can think of an over-size wedding decoration. The result can be magical. The main point to create such a decoration is just to select only one element. For instance, below, you can see that only the  round lights are over-size. The rest of the decoration is simple or even minimalist. 

Usually, you can select the center piece and decide that it would be the main point of your over-size wedding decoration. The dimensions have to be exagerated on purpose. This is the way to create a visual effect ! 

It can be also a way to hide something in the room you don’t like. I mean, if you don’t like the ceiling, you can draw the attention of your guests to another area, thanks to this over-size wedding decoration. Maybe, some of your guests can be shocked or they can believed it’s too much ! It’s rarely possible to satisfy everybody, even in a wedding ! But one thing is sure, none of your guests will forget your over-size wedding decoration !

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