Your wedding on a French Riviera beach

French Riviera is an ideal place to do a wedding party on a beach !

But be careful with the cities you select to plan your wedding party on the French Riviera. Indeed some cities have beaches but no sand. From Nice to Antibes, beaches are made with pebbles. It’s not that easy to walk on such beaches especially if you were a wedding dress. Secondly, if you are looking for an isolated beach for your wedding party on the French Riviera, forget about Cannes, Monaco  and Juan les Pins. As a matter of fact, beaches are located along the main road. You would suffer from traffic and also for tourists who are walking along the road. 

Var is definitely the best place to plan your wedding party on the French Riviera. Beaches are wider with much more beautiful sand. Road is not that closer to the beach and there are less tourists along the road. Var is an admistrative region in the French Riviera which begins at Frejus and finishes at Bandol more or less.  The most famous city is obviously Saint Tropez. Many beaches are really perfect to plan your wedding party on the French Riviera. Interior and exterior decoration are often very well customised and above all totally trendy. Restaurants in Saint Tropez beaches can welcome from 100 to 150 guests. If you need or you want to plan your wedding party on the French Riviera outside, beaches are big enough to do so. If you worry about weather, you can set up a marquee. The only drawback of Saint Tropez is its price. During summer, some owners are reluctant to rent their beaches, given that they have too many regular clients. If you need time to set up the decoration, the potential marquee, it would be  difficult to rent the beach during the day before your wedding.  The owners usually give you access to the beach at 8 p.m the very same day of your event in Saint Tropez.  Even if you are ready to pay for the whole day, their regular clients are priceless.

So, I suggest you to plan your wedding party on the French Riviera in other cities, less famous, less expensive and either beautiful. Saint Aygulf, le Lanvandou, Cavalaire take advantage of a wonderful seashore and peace.

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  1. Hi, this is such a helpful blog-we have decided to have our wedding in the French Riviera based on all your useful tips!

    Do you organise weddings? Please email me back if you can!

    Thanks, Chloe

  2. Dear Chloe

    I am a French wedding planner. So I would be pleased to help you planning your wedding. I’ll send you an email quick. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Hi I would love to receive some more information on the services you offer. We are planning a beach wedding and love the idea of the French Riviera.

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