A beach wedding venue in Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez is worldwide known and many of our clients ask us informations about beach wedding venue in Saint Tropez. Obviously there are many beaches in Saint Tropez and most of them welcome weddings. But I would recommend you to organise your beach wedding in Saint Tropez on June or September. July and Augusts are very crowded periods and beach owners are less flexible on prices and schedules.

One of the favourite beach wedding venue in Saint Tropez is this beautiful beach located very closed to the city center. Consequently the music has to stop early comapred to other beaches. But if you wish to begin at 5 pm the wedding, that can be a very good option.

What we like is the decoration which is clearly inspired from Bali. It gives an exotic charm to the beach and compared to other the beach has a real restaurant : it’s  not only mattress on the sand ! If you choose this beach wedding venue in Saint Tropez for your wedding, you won’t have to add a lot of decoration. In a way, you’ll save money !

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    1. Hi Lindsay

      Thanks for your message. I juste need to know when you want to get married and for how many guests

      Best regards


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if I could have some information/price list on your beach weddings in the summer time 2013 for up to 50 guests.

    Many thanks


  2. Hi there,

    Could you please send me a rough budget for a september wedding at one of the St Tropez beaches.

    Many Thanks

  3. Hi,

    Please can you send me details on beach weddings in France and for the venue above. We are looking to get married summer 2013

    Many Thanks

  4. Hi claire ,
    I’ll get married in june , ( weekend from 08top 10june2012 or weekend from 15to 17 june)
    I’d like to have a wedding on the beach in st tropez or in a villa . I’llhave 45/50 guests . I’d like to have ape and dinner and later a music party or other way lunch relaxing ion the beach finger food dinner and music party .
    please send me any suggestions .
    thanks micaela

  5. Hello

    This site is very appealing and offers great recommendations. Could you please email me more info about a wedding in a hotel/venue on the beach in the st tropez area but also castles inland in the area for june 2013 for about 90 people.
    Many thanks!

  6. hi Claire
    could you please send me some further information in regard to your beach weddings in st tropez , we are looking to get married during may 2013 – september 2013
    kind regards

  7. Hi Claire
    Please could you send me further information and a rough indication of price for beach weddings in st tropez, we are looking at Sept 2013, guests between 20-40
    Many Thanks

  8. Hi,

    I am looking to get married in Saint Tropez on the beach in June 2014 with 30-40 guests. Please can you contact me with options and prices.

    Many thanks


  9. Hi Claire

    Please could you send me prices and information on a beach wedding in May 2012 for this venue for approx 50 guests

    many thanks


    1. Dear Rhiannon

      Many thanks for all your messages on my blog
      I will answer to you directly

      Best regards


  10. Hello,

    I am looking for a wedding venue for next summer or early fall and this place looks beautiful! Can you please send me some more information on this property or properties like it? We’re very flexible regarding exact location.

    We’re expecting around 70 guests.


  11. hi claire,
    we would like some information on a st tropez beach wedding for summer 2013/2014. we would like to have the wedding on the beach and wedding breakfast on a terrace if thats possible and would like a party later that evening with a finger buffet for around 50 people. so if you could send us a few locations and price lists that would be great.
    kelly and ash

  12. Hi would love some more information on this venue, would be for may 2014, for approx 80-100 guests. Many thanks

  13. Hello Claire,

    Could you please send me information, costs for beach, seafront venues you have in St Tropez.

    We are looking to get married August/September 2013. Approx 80 guests.

    Kind Regards

    1. Dear Laura,

      Thanks for your message.
      The price depends on the beach but most of the time, the average price is 150€ per person


  14. Hi could you please send me all packages for beach wedding in st tropez. About 100 guest, for summer 2014 would rather late music thanks.

    1. Dear Leah

      We don’t have packages, as we create customised weddings
      By the way, it’s much better to organise a wedding on June or September at Saint Tropez
      Beach owners are reluctant to welcome a wedding on July and August



  15. Hi please could I have details on beach weddings for st tropez and nice. For about 30 people 5 of those children. And places to stay if you can thanks x

  16. Hi Claire
    could you please send me some further information in regard to your beach weddings in st tropez , we are looking to get married during June 2013
    kind regards

  17. Dear Claire,

    We are considering a wedding in St St Tropez in May/June 2014 with approx 50-80 guests. We would consider either getting married or having a blessing and would consider either a beach or villa for the lunch/drinks and evening gathering.

    Pampelonne beach would be the preference.

    It would be great to discuss some potential ideas and costs.

    Many thanks,

    1. Dear Faye

      Many thanks for your message
      I will send you some suggestions of wedding venues in Saint Tropez


  18. Dear Claire,
    We would like to have our wedding in the South of France on the beach + dinner + music party. I think we would invite approx. 60 people. Which locations do you have and what would the price be? Most likely in June 2014.
    Charissa and Anthony
    Belgium, Antwerp

  19. Hi Claire

    i am looking to get married next year and wondered if you can help me, do you have a direct email address i can contact you on?


  20. Hi Claire,

    We have a family home in St Tropez where we have spent summers for the last 12 years.

    I have just got engaged and can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather get married than at one of the beach clubs on Pampelonne (I have a few favourites in mind but would consider anywhere really!)

    We’d like to get married late summer this year so any tips or help would be great!

    Many thanks.

    Best wishes,


  21. Hi Claire

    can you email me your email address I have several wedding questions to ask planning approx 50 ppl next year for my wedding but not sure on location etc would appreciate your assistance


  22. Hi,

    We are planning a wedding for may/ June 2015.

    We are aldready legally married so would only be a symbolic ceremony followed by a reception.
    We will be around 30-40 guest. Adults and children.

    We would stay around a week and so would our guests.

    Could you please send me info?

    Kind regards

    Malena Aldebjer

  23. Hi Claire,
    How much would a wedding for around 60 cost here in september? We love the church in La Môle a small village near st tropez. The venue is beautiful, we would love an extravagant yet boho beach wedding reception. Could you send me emails with packages please?

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