A botanical garden at the bottom of the Alps

At the heart of a city with a rich medieval past, in the old town with steep streets, at the foot of the citadel of 3,500 meters enclosed by walls, opposite the church of the 16th century, this magnificent monastery with a botanical garden at the bottom of the Alps opens its doors.


It is for religious, it was founded in 1613, in the heart of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Culture and the study of plants represented then a major life activity at the time. Transformed into a hospice after the French Revolution, this venue is separated from the mountains of the Alps as a large plain in spring, suggests a sea full of flowers. The almond, pink or white, make it a delightful ornament. Daffodils, anemones with various colors, white daisies emerge from the greenery. Everywhere scented hawthorn bushes.

A few years later, a community of Sisters settles and then the hospice care and its residents.

Between missions abroad, the Sisters cultivate the terraced gardens where they plant fruit trees and vines. These crops allow them to provide food for residents and restoration of the Sisters returning from tropical countries.

In 2007 the sisters left the convent, which remains unoccupied until its transformation into a hotel and spa combines relaxation and wellness.

This place derives its beauty of its gardens, an inexhaustible source of knowledge, pleasure, made terraces, « terraces » on twelve levels recreated in a large garden, along the old road crosses … just below the Alps!

Herb garden, flower garden, vegetable garden, several acres this exceptional site is totally dedicated to plants, aromatic and simple scents of the Mediterranean, Provence, and more generally found in the tradition of the Convent: Spot and forward the benefits of the botanical world.

With all its natural products and processed to the delight of the hosts, honey, lemon verbena, lemon and lavender property will be associated with talented therapists at the Spa for a genuine « re feeling .

Unique, incredibly relaxing, spending hours in the indoor pool at color-therapy, in water changing color to suit the light of day … or in the immensity of the hammam, sauna man or woman, the time of a sovereign body scrub Hot …

Available for any exceptional event, under exceptional renovated historic church of the convent can receive up to 200 people on some 250 m2 privatized, in a botanical garden at the bottom of the Alps.

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  1. Could I have some more information regarding this property for a wedding for 70 people next august 2012

  2. Hi! Could you please give me more information on this venue. How many rooms does the property have and what is the rate. What is the rental fee for an event? What are the available dates for Spring 2013.
    Thank you,

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