A seaview restaurant for a wedding in Monaco

I am not a big fan of Monaco for weddings as I think there are too many buildings, but I have to say that this restaurant is an ideal place to organize a wedding. Indeed, the restaurant is at the very end of Monaco, with less buildings and more nature. So it becomes much more romantic and magical than any other places in Monaco according to me !

Besides, you can have your wedding diner outside around the swimming pool and enjoy a beautiful seaview from the aperitive to the wedding cake. In case of bad weather, which is rare in Monaco, the restaurant is big enough inside to welcome all of your guests. The maximum number for a seated diner is 500 guests. But I advise you to be 250 at a maximum to really enjoy the place.

The renting price is very affordable given the location : the privatization of the restaurant costs roughly 3000€ and the wedding diner per person without alcohol is about 115€. Compared to many other wedding venues in Monaco, this is a very reasonnable price. In addition to that, the time limt is 3 am. The only obligation is to arrive at 8 pm. Before the restaurant is open for the lunch and people usually stay around the swimming pool.

This restaurant in Monaco is part of our wedding guide about the French Riviera !

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking for a wedding venue for 60 guests in August or September this year. Looking in the South of France. Something with a sea view, either a hotel or villa. A Friday or Saturday would be preferable.

    I look forward to receiving some options/availability and prices.

    Kind regards

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