A secret garden for your wedding

Can you imagine walking into a villa hidden away inside of an iconic, yet non-touristy, perched village where you are transported into your dream of a medieval chateau that has not only been preserved but restored to be enjoyed and experienced.  This venue is indeed an experience.

From its winding spiral staircases to hidden rooms and private baths to terraces with garden views and breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean sea, it is a secret gem in the heart of the Cote D’Azur.  Its owners have paid great attention to the art of being discreet, reserving the venue for the lucky few.

This site can boast of many things from 1,000-year-old corridors to gardens that are famous for being the favorite of Princess Grace of Monaco in the entire coast.  From the storied stones to artful and time-honored decor one can hardly believe the price for a week stay.  This venue is perfect for an intimate wedding, up to 50 of your nearest and dearest, giving your guests the experience of lifetime.  This venue can accommodate up to 13 guests overnight and with a pool on the grounds and five minutes from Monaco, this will be a celebration they will not soon forget.  You will get swept away in the romance of this incredibly charming and enchanted manor that speaks of another time with style, elegance, and beauty.

Wanting to know more about this best kept secret ? please contact us.

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