A very luxurious villa for a wedding on the French Riviera

I have to tell you right now, this luxury villa is one of the most expensive property to rent when you want to organise a wedding on the French Riviera. But you can easily understand why !

First of all, this luxury villa is located between Monaco and Nice and you can enjoy an amazing seaview from the gardens, the swimming pool and the 10 luxury rooms … The huge terraces are perfect to organise a perfect wedding on the French Riviera.

Obviously, all the equipment of this luxury villa is top of the range. If you rent the property to organise your wedding on the French Riviera, you can benefit from a great service from the staff.

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  1. Hi,

    Please can you send me info on gettin married her in May 2013. Please can you also send me on menus and prices.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

  2. Hi Claire,

    We’re interested in learning more about the villa on the French Riviera that you have featured on the site. Can you please send us the approximate cost and any other details about having a wedding there? We are trying to find a venue for a wedding in summer or early fall 2012 and are particularly interested in villas/chateaux on the water. If you have other suggestions for venues, please let us know as well.

    Sara & Rene

    1. Dear Sara and Rene

      Many thanks for your message on our blog.
      I would be pleased to help you in finding the most appropriate venue for your wedding.
      However, I need a little bit more information : number of guests, budget …?

      Best regards


  3. Hi,

    My fiancé and I would like to get married in 2015; July or August. Would it be possible to obtain more information on:
    – Prices if renting the villa for a week
    – Capacity (wishing to invite 30 guests for a week)
    – Wedding packages

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Dear Laurianne

      Thanks a lot for your 14 messages tonight on my blog!

      You ask many prices and informations about many different wedding venues : somes are in Paris, other are in the southwest of France, last ones are on the French Riviera.
      All these informations are listed on another website : http://weddings-abroad-experts.com/

      If you’re looking for packages, here are the ones we advise



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