Amazing seaview for this wedding venue on the French Riviera !

I have to say that the seaview is the best argument to convince bridal couple to chose this venue for their wedding on the French Riviera. This is just amazing ! The property by itself is surprising too as it’s located in a very private resort. Indeed there are villas all around, but by night you can privatized the restaurant of the swimming pool and organise your wedding diner with one of the most beautiful view in the French Riviera !!

If you’re already in love with the seaview, you have to know that this wedding venue can welcome at a maximum 250 guests. You can use the restaurant (wedding price menus are around 240€ per person) or just rent the place and bring your own caterer. The rental price is around 8500€ if so. Thus, it really depends on the number of your guests. Having its own caterer can be interested if you’re numerous. Otherwise it is better to work with the venue directly !

By the way, you’ll need to add some furniture and decoration in order to erase the fact that this is just the common swimming pool of the resort. Anyway, with the seaview, some nice furniture, candles and light decoration, you can create a beautiful atmosphere. no doubt that your guests willbe amazed by this  wedding venue on the French Riviera !

The only drawback is the time limit. Music must stop at 2 am. As it is a very private resort, weddings are not welcomed every week-end. So if you’re interested in this wedding venue on the French Riviera with an amazing seaview, you’ve to be quick !

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