Amazing wedding in a hotel in France

On June 2011, we will be very pleased to organise a beautiful wedding in a hotel in France for a bridal couple who lives in London. They really fall in love with this venue and this is the reason why I wish to show you some pictures of this hotel. It’s located at 50 min from Nice airport in the countryside. The gardens are beautiful and you can enjoy an aperitive around the swimming pool. There are also big terraces to welcome the dinner.

If you wish to organise your wedding in a hotel in France, this is the ideal venue, especially if your guests are between 60 and 120. The hotel will be entirely privatized with 10 rooms dedicated to the guests. So you’ll be able to stay more than one night if you wish. There are other hotels all around this venue to welcome the other guests.

You’ll be convinced to organised your wedding in a hotel in France like this one, thanks to the decoration. As you can see, the owners selected beautiful furniture and create a very peaceful and romantic atmosphere. I am sure you’ll feel at home. This hotel will be your home during one day or more. But be careful, planning a wedding in a hotel in France has to be done in advance. Unless you wish to get married during weekday, the week-end are quite all complete for this summer.

If you need more information about doing a wedding in a hotel in France, please ask us !      

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  1. Hi,
    Where is the location of this venue and also I want some information in how to have a small party and ceremony there. About 20 people. Thanks
    Angelina Techy

  2. hi,

    Myslelf and my partner are looking to get married may/june 2012 and we think this venue is gorgeous. We would have around 50 guests. could you please send me some further information.


      1. Hi Claire,

        Just wondering if you could provide me with the details of this hotel. The pictures look amazing and would like to consider this for my wedding of c50 people.

        Many thanks,

  3. It is absolutely gougeous! Could I please get some more information about the hotel? We are planning to get married in France next summer!



  4. Hi Claire

    I am thinking of getting married in France next year about 65 people and would like more info on this hotel please.



  5. Hi Claire, can you please provide me with more information about this hotel and images. I will have around 50 guests – Around April/MAY 2012

  6. Dear Claire,

    This venue looks really nice. Me and my fiancé are getting married in the first week in June, could you send me some information about this and any other venue like this in the south of france. Our guest list would be between 50 and 100 guests.

    Best Danny

  7. Dear Claire,
    I am interested in some of your venues on the French Riviera. I am looking to get married in 2013 (April/May) or (Sep/Oct).
    Do you have anywhere near Nice/Antibes?
    I would say a maximum of 100 people and I am open to venue options although I like the look of the hotel above.
    Can you provide any advice in terms of likely costs etc.

  8. Hi Clair,

    I’m interested in this venue, and some other. Could you please email me back details of this one, and maybe we could also discuss other possible venues later on. My fiance and I want to do our wedding in the South of France in mid June.

    Thanks for your time



  9. Hi, please can you email me some info about this hotel near nice airport as we are thinking to have a small wedding of 35 on 18th aug 2012.
    Thanks Claire

    1. Hi Claire

      Unfortunately, the owner of this venue want a minimum of 150 guests on Saturday and 100 guests on Friday


  10. Hi

    Please can you contact me with details about this hotel for weddings- I would like to speak about some others too . We want to organise our wedding for June, July,aug, Sept 2013.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Maria

      I agree with you and this wedding venue is even more beautiful now
      But the owner asks a minimum of 100 guests on a week-end
      Will you consider weekdays ?


  11. We would like to get married in the French Riviera; small wedding of no more than 30 people. Can you help us?
    Thank you,

  12. Claire,

    Please could you send me some more information on this venue, availability, costs etc.

    Many thanks


  13. Hi,

    My fiancé and I would like to get married in 2015; July or August. Would it be possible to obtain more information on:
    – Prices if renting the place for a week
    – Capacity (wishing to invite 30 guests for a week)
    – Wedding packages

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Dear Laurianne

      Thanks a lot for your 14 messages tonight on my blog!

      You ask many prices and informations about many different wedding venues : somes are in Paris, other are in the southwest of France, last ones are on the French Riviera.
      All these informations are listed on another website :

      If you’re looking for packages, here are the ones we advise



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