An extraordinary French wedding venue

I discovered this venue 5 years ago and I really like it. For those who are in love with Les Baux de Provence area, I am sure you’ll love this extraordinary French wedding venue. It is very far from the traditionnal venues you can find in the south of France, but the place is really charming ! Above all, you have to know that this venue is built is a quarry !

The owner is an amazing man. He built this extraordinary French wedding venue on its own. He is really in love of this palce and you’ll be exactly the same at the end of the visit with him ! Technically, the venue is located in the middle of a garden, which can be used for the aperitive for instance. The room inside is perfect for 120 guests and there is still enough place for a DJ and a stage. There is also a small terrace.

The shape of this extraordinary French wedding venue allows the sun to come inside. The natural light is beautiful and by night with the right  lightning equipment, the venue becomes magical. I really recommend this venue for those who want to do a different wedding in an amazing area. There is no curfew because there is no home all around but the venue is not isolated and very closed to St Remy de Provence.

So are you tempted by this extraordinary French wedding venue ?

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