Beach wedding in Saint Tropez

As a French wedding planner, I totally understand the interest of my clients for organising a beach wedding in Saint Tropez. However, when they first ask me informations about a beach wedding in Saint Tropez, I have to say that I am often reluctant. Indeed, during Summer, especially on July and August, beach owners prefer to keep the restaurant open for individuals than groups. They don’t want to close earlier the beach to organise a ceremony on the sand. That’s why, as a French wedding planner, I was very happy when I discovered this wonderful beach.

I like the decoration of the beach and also the spirit of the owners. Their main objective is that clients have a great time on their beach, no matter they are individuals or groups. They represent the traditional spitit of Saint Tropez far from the jet set spirit. The building was renovated 1 year and a half ago and during winter, improvements are going on. Consequently, you can easily organise a beach wedding in Saint Tropez there. There is not a lot of thing to add for the decoration. Trust my French wedding planner advice : the beach is already well decorated and the scenery is just amazaing !

The beach is quite big : it can welcome easily 300 persons. But it’s also possible (only on June and September) to privatise only one part of the area to organise your beach wedding in Saint Tropez. Thus, your guests can have a private entrance. You can organise a ceremony on the beach, enjoy an aperitive in the beach too and have dinner under the very beautiful tents they set up. Honestly, the decoration of the marquees are really elegant and the true windows let you and your guests enjoying the seaview and being protected in case of wind. Believe your French wedding planner and contact us for a beach wedding in Saint Tropez !

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  1. Hi Claire,

    Is this venue available for the last week in August and what are the prices roughly for hire of the venue and price per head?


  2. Hi,
    Could someone provide me with an email or contact details to discuss a wedding in St tropez in June 2017. I am recently engaged in St tropez and it would be beautiful to be able to get married here as well.
    Many thanks.
    Emily McKay

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