Beach wedding on the French Riviera

Many bridal couples dream of a beach wedding on the French Riviera, but when they think about it, they take into account that sand is not very easy for a wedding reception. Anyway, they want to have a nice seaview for their wedding on the French Riviera, and a beach seems to be the best idea. That’s why today, I want to present you a beautiful wedding venue on the French Riviera, where you can organise your ceremony with amazing seaview, a dinner surronded by the sea and where you can accomodate at least 90 guests ! Are you interested in ?

This beach on the French Riviera belongs to a hotel, located at 20 km from Nice airport. The hotel has 42 bedrooms. You can rent the beach for the wedding dinner and ceremony even if you don’t privatize the hotel. But I am sure that most of your guests will appreciate to sleep closed to the wedding venue ! The beach can welcome 350 persons for a wedding dinner, but I think 150 guests is much better. Indeed, you can use the existing marquee for the wedding dinner and another area on the beach for the aperitive. If you are 350 guests, you’ll need to rent additional marquees !

If you choose to rent 15 bedrooms on the first floor, you’ll be able to organize your wedding ceremony on the first terrace, where the view is just wonderful. For those who dream of a beach wedding on the French Riviera, you’ll appreciate it. Anyway, I want to draw your attention to the beach by itself. There is no sand, which is, according to me, ideal for a reception ! Last but not least, the time limit for the wedding party is 2 am and the wedding dinner cost roughly between 150 and 180€ per person (the rent of the beach is included in this price).

So if you’re interested in this beach for a wedding on the French Riviera, just call us !

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  1. Hi I would love to get married abroad, corsica or somewhere in france. I love vintage romantic settings and my fiancee likes the beach/sea. Your website and blogs show some beautiful places, decorations and set ups. Could you contact me for me to find out more information about packages that you can offer with locations etc.

    Many thanks


    1. Dear lauren

      Many thanks for your comments
      I am pleased to speak with you about your wedding
      I am going to send you a message



  2. Hi,

    I am interested in having a wedding June 30th week and wanted to know if your location is available. 30-40 guests, plus accommodations.

    972.948.3778 (US)

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