Chateau vineyard in South of France !

Today, I am very pleased to present you a very new wedding location in France. Indeed, I discovered this wonderful property almost 2 years ago and I found in love. This is a unique wedding location in France because it’s located among a beautiful vineyard and the architecture of the main building is just stunning. To be honest, most of the vineyards have basic buildings. On the contrary, it is a real castle of the 18th century

What I like above all in this castle is the romantic and charming atmosphere you feel when you arrive. The small road to access to the property makes you discover step by step the property ! But you don’t feel intimated by the building. Sometimes it happens when you arrive in very big French castle. Here you’ll feel at home ! That’s why the owners decided to undertake some building restoration in order to welcome weddings properly. The restoration finished 1 month ago and now I can tell you that this wedding location in France is just perfect !

Indeed, this wedding location in France can welcome 180 guests for a wedding dinner. You have many possibilities if you wish to organise a wedding in this Chateau . You can first, organise a wedding ceremony in the middle of the vineyard, then, have a finger food cocktail in front of the Chateau on the terrace and last but not least have dinner in the reception room. I really like the decoration of this reception room and the owners were right : they took their time for the work and the result is wonderful. We’re very pleased, consequently to organise a first wedding in  this Chateau  this year. There is no doubt that we’ll show you pictures of this wedding.

By the meantime, if you’re interested in this beautiful wedding location in France, feel free to contact us.

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  1. First, your work is AMAZING!

    Secondly, We have set an estimated date for Mid May of 2013 and plan on an intimate wedding with guest from all over the world but will only total about 30. We would like to rent a castle or chateau from 5/10-5/12/2013.
    Could you please send me some information and leads to venues as well as a price point for your services.
    Selah K

  2. Kelly and Xu, congratulations!! We’re so happy for you guys and wish we could have been there with you! The purtices are beautiful. This guy you hired did a pretty good job. Love, Michael, Yasmin, Amelia, and Fiona

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