Get married in a medieval castle like a princess!

Between Salon de Provence and Aix en Provence, this castle is one of the finest owned by the PACA region. The location of this castle is situated in a magnificent overlooking a green oasis.

Castle designed for defense, it was built of huge rocks that make it impregnable. Its towers, turrets and terraces suspended blend with nature to form a unit that gives this site its beauty and mystery.

Crossed the first gate, we discover all the architectural elements of the medieval fortresses: watch towers with blocks of the old drawbridge, niches and battlements, loopholes, crest and motto of the Lords of the places … An ideal environment to feel as a princess in her castle.

By a monumental staircase gives access to the main terrace where a beautiful view extends beyond the Salon de Provence and the Etang de Berre. From this terrace you enter the Gothic chapel. In the South, between medieval towers, emerges a delightful little pleasure palace with windows and wrought iron balconies of the classical period flanked by a magnificent double staircase Henri IV.

Inside the castle includes a sixty pieces each with its specific architectural or decorative. If the chapel, large rooms, guards, spiral staircases, fireplaces and underground reminiscent of the medieval world, most of the castle is immersed in an atmosphere of its proportions and decoration giving everyone the desire to ‘live like a princess.

Superb French ceilings Renaissance and 17th century are the hallmark of this castle with walls covered with tapestries of Flanders, Brussels and Aubusson. A very large room is covered with Cordoba leather from Castle Vauvenargues.

The garden was designed by André le Notre, famous gardener of Louis XIV. Bordered on one side by the ramp to the castle above it, on the other by the river below, the creation of this garden has « one of the most remarkable compositions of the gardens of the castle in Lower Provence the classical period « with a production space of high quality. An avenue lined with plane trees, classified as the Castle and Gardens Historic Buildings, provides access to two wrought iron gates surrounding a rectangular pool that could be a scene.

In the center of one of the beds stands a giant sequoia, brought from America following the War of Independence. Under the ramp to the castle, is a succession of orange groves and greenhouses, enclosed by metal gates of the nineteenth century, and arches that suggest boulders on which is built the entire building.

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