Get married in a Renaissance palace

Chateau de Tarascon entréechateau tarascon vue jardin

Get married in a palace … this sounds like a dream, isn’t it? But it is definitely possible.
Your wedding can take place in a Château built on the banks of the Rhône from 1400 by Louis II of Anjou. His son, King René, made some works and changed it into a splendid Renaissance palace.

It belongs to the State since 1932 and has been listed Historic Monument since 1840. Furthermore, it offers an unusual architecture which is one of a fortress and a Renaissance palace at the same time.

The Renaissance palace is separated in two distinct sections, the dwelling of the lord and the lower court which is protected by ramparts. This is also in the lower court where the reception area is.
The tower presents a spiral staircase, with windows all the way up, and leads to the terrace on the roof with a magnificent view.

This outstanding Château welcomes different types of decoration. It seems to be quite a nice place to celebrate the big day of your life…huge spaces, wonderful views, historical monument it has it all!
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