Historical wedding venue in France

If you’re looking for an historical wedding venue, especially in the south of France, I think you’ll be charmed by this ancient monastery which is now a beautiful hotel. The building has been built on the 13th century. An amazing basilica leans against the hotel. So, I really advice you this wedding venue in France, if you are interested in the catholic history.

This historical wedding venue is located closed to Aix en Provence, in a lovely village. There are 67 bedrooms in the hotel, so it’s quite easy for you to accomodate all your guests in the same place. The price to rent the bedrooms is really affordable and the wedding menu begins at 120€ per person. As far as I am concerned, I really like the architecture of this wedding venue in France. The vaults and the archways give a romantic and timeless atmosphere.

If you’re interested in this historical wedding venue in France, feel free to ask any questions, we’ll be pleased to give you more details !

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  1. Hi, I would like to get more informations about this
    venue. Could you send me the price for a wedding in june 2013 for 70 guests please .
    Many thanks

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