Intimate wedding on the French Riviera

If you’re looking for an intimate venue to organise your wedding on the French Riviera, you may be interested in this beautiful hotel.  You can privatize the whole property as there are 15 bedrooms ! That’s why I recommend it for an intimate wedding venue for 60-80 guests at a maximum.

The second very good point of this hotel is its location. You just need to drive during 15-20 minutes and you arrive in a charming village on the French Riviera. That’s why it’s very easy for your wedding, even if your guests are coming for all over the world. Besides, there are plenty of hotels closed by this wedding venue.

As far as I am concerned, I like the decoration of this hotel. I believe this is a very good mix between old stones and stylish furniture. I am sure your guests will appreciate the atmosphere you can feel in the hotel. For your wedding on the French Riviera, you can organise the aperitive in the gardens, the dinner outside and the dancing party inside. Above all, there is a chapel inside the building where you can celebrate your wedding !

There is no doubt that this hotel has a lot of advantages if you want to celebrate an intimate wedding on the French Riviera !

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  1. Dear Claire,

    Please could you supply me with further information about this venue and some details of prices for weddings for 25-40 guests in summer 2012.

    Many thanks


    1. Dear Rhiannon

      Many thanks for all your messages on my blog
      I will answer to you directly

      Best regards


  2. HI Claire
    Please can you provide me with as much information as possible on this venue ie prices, ceremony, I am looking for a small intermate wedding around september 2012 for around 60 people

    1. Hi Patrice,

      Thanks again for your other comment
      I’ll send you an email and we’ll speak about your wedding


  3. Hello,

    Could you please send me a little information about this particular venue, including location etc and any package information.

    Many thanks


  4. Hi Claire

    Could you please give me some more information on this venue, for a ceremony (a symbolic blessing or humanist ceremony perhaps?) and reception for 50-60 guests in either 2013 or 2014.

    As much information as possible would be very much appreciated, particularly on costs, accommodation, and options for the ceremony and reception.

    Many thanks


  5. Hi do u cater for small intimate weddings only looking at 10-16 people? 2013/14 preferably a beach or somewhere private many thanks

  6. Hi,
    Could you please give me some more information on this venue. We are looking to have a small wedding for up to 50 guests in 2014
    Many thanks

    1. Dear Sacha

      For the moment, I don’t have the prices for 2014
      I need to know when you want to get married in 2014 ?

      Thanks in advance

  7. Hi could you please send me more information about this venue. We are looking at getting married in August 2014 and planning on having around 80 guests.

    Many thanks

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