Look at this wedding venue in French Provence !

Today, I would like to present you a charming wedding venue, which is located in French Provence. This is the first time I wrote about it, as I discovered it recently. I wanted to share this information with you as this wedding venue is very affordable compared to other places in French Provence.

As a matter of fact, the price to rent the reception room is 1900€ without any curfew. This wedding venue in French Provence is in fact an hotel. So you can easily accomodate 60 persons. Other hotels all around are easy to reach. Besides, the price for each bedroom is between 100 and 150€. So you can privatize the whole property for 3000€ more or less. This price is very affordable !

By the way, as this is an hotel, there is no need to find a caterer. To give you an idea of budget, a wedding diner for 80 persons costs 88€ per person (with some wines). As I told you this is a very good value for money. So why does this wedding venue in French Provence so affordable ?

The answer is easy : it’s located in the north of French Provence, at 1h30 from Avignon. This area is well known than Aix en Provence or Avignon. Consequently the prices are cheaper. But the charm is the same ! Let us know if you’re interested in this wedding venue in French Provence

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  1. Bonjour,
    Mon fiancé et moi cherchons un endroit idyllique pour notre mariage l’année prochaine. On souhaiterait faire la ceremonie dans le jardin d’un mas provençale. Je suis tombée sur votre site et je voudrais savoir plus sur cette propriété.

    Merci beaucoup!

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  3. Hi Claire,

    We are looking to hold our wedding during the last week of August 2013, ideally outside.

    Is this venue available? What sort of cost would it be for accommodation and catering for around 120 guests?

    Also do you know of any similar venues?



    1. Dear leah

      Thanks for your messages on my blog
      I will send you a private message to speak about your wedding next year
      I have plenty of venues to suggest to you



  4. Bonjour,

    Could you please provide me with some more information on this location?

    I am looking to get married at a vineyard in France and this looks lovely!


    1. Dear Alex

      Thanks for all your messages on my blog
      Could you tell me how many guests you would have and more precisely what is your dreamt wedding ?



  5. My fiance and I are currently live in NYC and are looking to get married in France the weekend of August 31 and love the French Provence venue since it works very well within our budget. I would love to know next steps in booking this.

  6. Hi Claire

    this venue looks great, please can you send me the details along with any other venues you know of that can accommodate the same number of people (circa 60-70)

    Many Thanks,


  7. Hi Claire,

    My fiance and I are looking to get married in a vineyard, yet this property seems very affordable. Could you send me tells on this and any vineyard properties you think may be of interest. We are looking to have 40-50 guests.

    Many thanks

    1. Dear Vivian

      Thanks for your message on my blog
      There are some avaibilities for the last 2 week ends of September 2013 in this venue
      How many guests will you have ?


  8. Dear Claire,

    Absolutely stunning place, could you please send the name of this Mas, would love to check it for my wedding, Best Ola

      1. Dear Claire,
        Could you just tell me how far away it is from the Marseille this way I will know if I can consider this to contact you about this venue, thank you in advance, Best, O.

  9. Hi Claire,

    This looks beautiful!

    Could you please send me some more information about this venue. We are looking to get married in France either the second or third weekend of July, 2013. We will most likely have less than 60 guests.
    Also, location is not of primary importance at this stage and if you have any other similar venue recommendations that would be very much appreciated.

    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Helen

      I am afraid that this venue is already booked but I can find another one for you
      I will contatc you very soon


  10. Hello there,

    Could you tell me if this location has any available dates in May 2013?

    We would be looking to have a Wedding with 40-50 guests.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Raymond Boileau

    1. Dear Raymond, thanks for all your messages on my blog
      I will send you a private message to speak about your wedding next year

  11. Hi Claire
    I am Bridesmaid for my best friend who is looking to get married abroad in 2014. She is keeping her options open however we hadn’t considered France.
    Possibly be looking for a venue to accommodate up to 30 guests. Not necessarily get married in the venue -open to ideas.
    Could you possibly send some information on this venue and perhaps any others you consider might be suitable.
    Look forward to hearing from you


  12. Hi Claire,

    We want to get married in June 2014 and would love to find a venue in Provence. It is likely that we would have between 150 – 170 guests so need to keep the rental cost fairly low! This property looks great, would you be able to send me more information on it and any others you think would suit?

    Many Thanks!


  13. Hi,

    Could you send me all of the wedding information and rates for a wedding in June 2014 for 60 – 70 guests please?


  14. Bonjour, je vis sur aix en provence et je dois me marier en juin 2014, pourriez vous m’envoyer quelques informations sur cette propriété? Sa localisation etc… Elle est magnifique.
    Merci beaucoup.

    1. Bonjour Melanie

      Si vous recherchez mes adresses, je vous invite à aller sur weddings-abroad-experts.com
      Pour 108€ vous aurez accès à tous les lieux que je présente en Provence


  15. Hi, I am looking for a Provence location for June 2014. This looks great. Could you send me some further details? It shall be for approximately 70/80 people

    Thank you

  16. Hello,

    We we would like to getting married in France next July and we are looking for a reception venue. We would have approximately 80 guests for the evening and we would like to have a relaxed sit down meal outdoors. We have a budget of £15,000 all inclusive (venue, dress etc). We would ideally like a rustic villa/B&B that we could hire out for 3-5 days with a pool and where we could get married in the grounds.

    We look forward to hearing from you

    Best wishes

    Sarah & David

    1. Dear Sarah

      Within this budget, it may be difficult to rent the venue for 3-5 days
      But if you’re interested in having a look at all my wedding venues in Provence, I can make a great offer for you !
      I will send you an email soon


  17. Dear Claire,

    I am terrifying not founding our wedding place for September 6, 2014 (we have been looking for it since may).
    This location is excatly what we are looking for, could you let us know where it is excatly and how many personne could be setad for a diner inside?
    Thank you very much.



  18. Hi Claire! This venue is an absolute gem, totally elegant without feeling stuffy and overdone. I love it , no guest plan in the works yet, but renting out the property as a whole would be ideal, would love to learn more at your convenience. Thank you!

      1. Bonjour Claire,
        Desolee de revenir a vous aussi tard. Je n’ai aucune idee pourquoi je vous ai appele Chantal – veuillez m’excuser.
        Serait-il, s’il vous plait possible de m’envoyer plus d’informations?
        merci d’avance

  19. Bonjour Claire,

    Pourriez-vous m’envoyer plus d’informations sur cette magnifique Venue en provence? Mon fiance et moi-meme souhaiterions nous marier en Septembre 2015 et sommes a la recherche d’un endroit de caractere type Mas, Bastide viticole dans les ordres de pris offert ci-dessus pour ce lieu.

    Merci par avance,

  20. Hi Claire,
    I am also looking to get married in provence next year in a similar type venue to the above. Please can you send me details and options for other venues you know of? Thanks very much anna

  21. Hello Claire,

    I am very interested in this venue, as it seems just what we’re looking for (in terms of size, style and budget). Would you be able to send me some more information please, and any other pictures you may have?

    Many thanks,


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