Luxury Fairy tale castle for your wedding close to Saint Tropez

On January, I received a lot of demands from bridal couples wanting to organise their wedding near St Tropez. So I think that some of our dear readers can be interested in this luxury castle close to Saint Tropez. There are some available dates if you want to do your wedding there !

 It’s located at 45km from Saint Tropez and it’s surronded by a vineyard ! Besides, you can enjoy 15 bedrooms in this luxury hotel. As you can see the decoration is very elegant !

You can easily organise a wedding ceremony in front of the chapel or in the courtyard of this luxury hotel. The dinner can be done inside and the aperitive can last 2 hours around the swimming pool, enjoying the view on the landscape. On the day after your wedding, you can organise a brunch on the beach in Saint Tropez.

Look at this beautiful video done by one of our videographer partner ! It really captures the feel and beauty of this wedding venue ! And contact us to know more about her work, we would love to put you in contact for your wedding !

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  1. Hi
    I am planning my wedding and looking at possible venues around st tropez.
    I like the idea of the castle and I am looking around September 2015.
    Could you give me an estimated price of what this castle would be to hire?
    Kind Regards, Kelly

    1. Hi Kelly

      2015 is far away, I can’t give you the prices in 2015
      but roughly the minimum price is 9500€ for one day and night


    1. Dear Claire

      I saw all your posts on my blog.
      I will send you an email, as I believe you’re looking for a wedding venue for this year


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