Luxury wedding in the French Alps

Your favorite French wedding planner wish to present you just before the New Year’s Eve a wonderful venue to organise a luxury wedding in the French Alps. As a matter of fact, more and more people are looking for original weddings and getting married in winter surronded by moutains and snow is one of the new trend in the wedding industry.

If you’re fed up with weddings on the beach or in vineyards, I think you’ll love to organise your wedding in the French Alps.  This venue is a luxury hotel in one of the most famous city in the Alps. You can privatize the whole place for all your guests. There are 56 bedrooms and a huge and beautiful spa. Asfar as I am concerned (as a French wedding planner), I  am sure your family and friends will adore this white wedding in the French Alps !

You can also just rent some of the bedrooms and organise the wedding dinner in the restaurant. I really like the design of this place made with wood. Trust your French wedding planner : the atmopshere is friendly and luxury. The day after the wedding in the French Alps, you can also privatise a smaller restaurant (60 guests) in the middle of the moutains to have a nice brunch before skiing !!

So if you’re interested in planning a wedding in the Alps, contact your French wedding planner. I’ll be very happy with my team to suggest you the best place according to your tastes and budget !

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  1. Hi Claire. Please could you send me some more information on wedding venues in the FRench Alps. Kindest regards, Vicky

  2. Hi Claire

    Could you send me more information on this venue. We are planning a wedding for December 2013 with approx 40 guests.

    Many thanks, Sally

    1. Dear Sally

      Do you want to plan your Wedding in the Alps ?
      Have you already define a specific area and a budget ?

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