Marry me in a luxury castle on the French Riviera !

This is certainly one of the most surprising and amazing wedding venue on the French Riviera. First because this place is a true castle and it is not that easy to find castle on the French Riviera. Secondly because the architecture of this luxury castle and its situation on the top of the hills are just wonderful.

If you ask your boyfriend « Marry me in a castle« , you’ll be seduced by this venue. You can accomodate 24 guests as there are 12 bedrooms inside. Nice airport is at 10 minutes from this luxury castle on the French Riviera and there are many hotels all around !

As I told you this is a luxury castle on the French Riviera, so if you want to rent the place during a week-end with the bedrooms, you should pay at least 20000€. But the place is huge and you can easily organise your wedding ceremony, the wedding aperitive and the wedding diner there. Besides you can easily welcome more than 200 guests !

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  1. Hi again, I am also very interested in the above property for my June 2017 wedding. Please send all relevant details?


    Chris Porter

  2. bonjour,

    je souhaite faire mon mariage l’été prochain,la date n’est pas encore confirmée, peut-être en aout. nous serons environ 150 personnes. je suis intéressée par ce chateau, pouvez vous m’envoyer plus de details.


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