Old stones for a wedding venue in Provence

When I first saw the pictures of this wedding venue in Provence, I was very curious. When I first visited the place, I was amazed. Indeed, this wedding venue is perfectly what bridal couples are looking for when they decide to get married in Provence.

This venue is located at the north of Luberon, in a area we called Drome Provençale. So evenings can be a little bit chilly if you decide to get married on May or October. Otherwise, you can easily organise your wedding outside. In anycase, there is a reception room inside, big enough for 200 guests. There is no doubt that you will feel the real Provence in this wedding venue.

In addition to the huge area where you can organise easily your ceremony, the aperitive and the diner, you can also accomodate 63 guests. The most impressive is the view ! The wedding venue is surronded by vineyards and lavender fields. It’s just magical !

The privatisation costs from 2000 to 9000 € depending on the period + 65 € per person for the rooms. As you can see it’s quite affordable if you compare to other wedding venues in Provence.

Please contact us quickly to book your wedding in that venue !

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