Provencal Stone Bastide on the French Riviera

This wedding venue is one of the most charming on the French Riviera, and there are still some available dates at an affordable price for 2017.  If you want to rent it during 3 days, with the 7 bedrooms, the price is 12000€. Given the fact that this charming property is located at 25 minutes from Nice airport, I believe this is a very good price !

At this wedding venue on the French Riviera, you can welcome on the terrace at least 150-200 guests. In case of bad weather, there is not enough space inside if you’re more than 50 guests. Sometimes, bridal couples decide to rent a marquee and most of the time, the weather is very nice ! Do you want to visit this charming property ? Contact us please

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  1. Hi there
    Could you please give me more details about this venue in the French Riviera for an August 2013 wedding?
    Other suggestions also welcome, I am looking for a Bordeaux villa or chateau, only 2 nights accommodation will be required for a few guests.
    Wedding size is 50-60 ppl, looking at Saturday late afternoon start.
    Many thanks

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