Rent a chateau in france just for your wedding!



You are getting married soon and your dream is to rent a chateau in france…welcome to this 11th century fortress built for the Defence of France and restored to a luxurious residence. The Chateau is built on a hill which offers stunning views.

You can also rent a chateau in france to organize a sumptuous wedding, first, and then enjoy the location with your friends and relatives. Yes, the Chateau is suited for retreat and relaxing in the silent hills of the busy Cote D’Azur. It is surrounded by 4 terraces and gardens that provide you with different settings for your event…a magical place.


The swimming pool is not part of the original building, it was not really necessary (!) for the Defence of France in the 11th century! There are perpetuating waterfalls that create a peaceful sound…just sit by the pool or the jacuzzi and relax!

Rent a château in france…see some more pictures


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