Rent one of the most beautiful villa on the French Riviera

If you’re looking for an amazing villa on the French Riviera to rent, I would suggest this one.  It’s a marvellous property, with a mix between modern and provencal style. It looks like pictures you can see in fashion magazines ! I really like it and I am sure that you’ll love it too.  Here are some pics to help you discover this elegant and charming villa on the French Riviera.

This villa on the French Riviera is at 25 min from Nice airport and can welcome 17 guests. There is obviously the possibility to organise party or a wedding during the rental week. Of course, it’s a little bit expensive because the range of prices is from 10,000€ to 16,000€ for 3 days.

More over, you can enjoy a beautiful swimming pool, a wonderful spa and a huge garden. This villa on the French Riviera is ideal to spend holidays with friends and family. I really like the decoration of the bedrooms too : chic and elegant.

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