The best destination weddings in the Southeast of France

You are wondering yourselves which the best destination weddings in the Southeast of France are. I can help you ! We are used to plan corporate and private events in this area and I can give you some advices to select the best area for your wedding. First of all, it depends on the period of time. Indeed, July and August are the touristic months. So there are many people and some venues don’t allow weddings at this very period of time. Indeed,  most of the beaches are not opened for weddings on July and August. So if you’re looking for a beach wedding, I would suggest June and September.

Then, it really depends on the spirit of your wedding. I mean, if you’re looking for a « Provence » wedding, the best destination weddings are Aix-en-Provence, le Lubéron, Avignon. You’ll discover beautiful and charming venues with old stones and amazing gardens. There are also vineyards which can be ideal to celebrate a wedding. It’s quite the opposite to a beach wedding but it’s very romantic too !

On the contrary, if you wish to do a beach wedding or to enjoy a magnificient seaview, I would recommend Nice, Cannes, Marseille and some smaller cities closed to Toulon, as best destination weddings. Be aware that these venues interest a lot of bridal couples. So you must book in advance the venue, to be sure to enjoy the seaview !! Regarding prices, usually it’s more expensive than a Provence wedding. I know some exceptions of course !  My advice is to do your weeding on a weekday. You can have a discount on prices !

If you need more information about a beach wedding and above all destination weddings in the Southeast of France, contact us !

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