The French Provence just for your event



This 17th-century house with dry stone walls and terraces is located in the French Provence in a 25-hectare park planted with pine, olive trees and lavender.

You can rent the whole place just for your event from 4500 euros in low season to 6800 euros in high season.
Enjoy your special day in this charming venue in the French Provence with friends…at your disposal: tennis, golf, pool, Jacuzzi…what else?!


This place is not only a venue for your wedding but it offers you comfortable and luxury rooms for 24 persons from 3000 euros /night…the way of living in the French Provence…let’s experience it!

Contact us for more informations.


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  1. Hi Tania

    Thanks for your comment

    I just erase your phone number on your message

    I’ll send you an email before calling you

  2. Hello,

    I really love the look of the above venue. How many people can it take for a sit down reception? I am living in Canada at the moment, so the best way to communicate is via email due to the time difference.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Nathalie

    Many thanks for your message.
    There are enough bedrooms for 25 guests and you can welcome more than 100 guests in this venue.

    I am at your disposal to speak about it.


  4. Hi Claire,

    I absolutely love this venue. Rich & I are flying into Montpellier on Friday 18th March to look at a venue in Languedoc. How far away is this from this venue? We are looking to invite up to 80 guests so we would need to house our other guests in neighbouring hotels. Is this possible? As it’s short notice i would really like to speak to you. What is the best way to do this?

    I hope you can help.

    Many Thanks Emma

  5. Claire-

    I’m doing a project in school about weddings abroad and I was wondering if you could please contact me and let me know more details about this location. Is food included? Are tables and chairs included? Or would the bride and groom have to bring everything themselves? How long does one have the venue for? Are overnight stays extra?


  6. hi Claire,
    we really like this venue. Could you please send us some details for a reception for 80 people in sep 2012?
    Many thanks!

  7. Hi Claire,

    Please email with more details. In particular how many people the venue can accommodate and/or if there are other accommodation options nearby, we want to try And get something secured as soon as possible. Thanks jj

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