The most beautiful wedding venue on the French Riviera ever

Yesterday, I visited a very new wedding venue on the French Riviera. As you may know, if you are a regular visitor of this blog, I visited a lot of wedding venues from Monaco up to Avignon, but I have to say that this wedding venue is the most beautiful wedding venue on the French Riviera !

This wedding venue on the French Riviera belongs to a very charming couple, who is very good at decoration. They have created an Italian palace. When you enter the property, you feel in Tuscany ! The gardens are just stunning. Five gardeners are in charge of this amazing property. They take care of every single details of the gardens, from the choice of the flowers to the ormental fountains. You’re surronded by cypress.

If you dream of a very romantic wedding ceremony outside, you’ll adore this wedding venue on the French Riviera. There is a beautiful area in a circular arc, where you can organise the ceremony. The view on the hills is just superb !

The wedding venue is located at 20 minutes from Cannes, by car. There are 11 bedrooms for the bride and the groom and the closest friends and family. The time limit for the music is 4 am and the music must be played inside the main building. If you’re more than 100 guests, you can’t use a room inside the property in case of bad weather : you need to rent a tent. This is important to take into account as the renting price of this wedding venue on the French Riviera is high.

Sincerely, this is the most beautiful wedding venue on the French Riviera ever !

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  1. France is never found wanting when it comes to romance, and these are some of the most fabulously romantic wedding venues in the world. In terms of wedding venues, it has an embarrassment of riches, with wonderful hotels and chateaux throughout the length and breadth of the country.

  2. Dear Claire

    Please could you send me information and prices for this venue for a wedding in summer 2012 for around 60 guests.

    many thanks


    1. Dear Rhiannon

      Many thanks for all your messages on my blog
      I will answer to you directly

      Best regards


  3. Hello, very beautiful property, could you please send me more info re. potential wedding in this place?

    many thanks

    1. Dear Renata

      I will ! Please note that this venue is also one of the most expensive on the French Riviera !

    2. Dear Renata

      I will answer to you, but please note that this venue is also one of the most expensive on the French Riviera !


  4. Hi,

    Please can you send me information about pricing to rent this venue for a summer wedding with about 200 guests.


  5. Bonjour!
    We just got engaged and are looking for venues for the summer of 2013. We are thinking South of France, French Riviera or close to the sea/ on the coast in the South of France. It will be for about 200-250 people. Do you have any suggestions please? How do we get started? Are there a list of possible venues? Please contact me directly! Merci beaucoup!!

    1. dear Nicole, thanks for your message.
      Have you already defined a budget ? it would help me to send a suggestion of venues
      Thanks in advance

  6. Hello, I would like to have some information about this wedding venue. Please, send it to my email provided.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Claire

      I saw all your posts on my blog.
      I will send you an email, as I believe you’re looking for a wedding venue for this year


  7. Hi,

    My fiancé and I would like to get married in 2015; July or August. Would it be possible to obtain more information on:
    – Prices if renting the place for a week
    – Capacity (wishing to invite 30 guests for a week)
    – Wedding packages

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Dear Laurianne

      Thanks a lot for your 14 messages tonight on my blog!

      You ask many prices and informations about many different wedding venues : somes are in Paris, other are in the southwest of France, last ones are on the French Riviera.
      All these informations are listed on another website :

      If you’re looking for packages, here are the ones we advise



  8. Hi Claire, could you send me more information and prices for having a wedding at this beautiful venue summer 2015 and how much for extra services such as renting tents.

      1. Hi Claire,
        I do not have a date in mind just yet. I would like to keep my options open for August or September wedding so I can be flexible with dates.

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