Wedding in a castle in Nice

I would like today to draw your attention to a very beautiful wedding venue in Nice. Years ago, we presented this castle in Nice on this blog, and I am still very enthusiastic for it ! So here is the list of the advantages of this castle, for a wedding in Nice !

First, this castle is located in Nice. So it’s very easy for your guests coming from all around the world to come to your wedding ! Most of the wedding venues closed to Nice are quite expensive. On the contrary, this castle is affordable for a wedding. Consequently your guests will appreciate that they don’t have to rent a car to travel to the wedding venue. There are many very good hotels in the city center and we can organise a bus shuttle from the city center to the castle (15 minutes).

The second very good point is the architecture of the castle in Nice and above all the panoramic view. There is no doubt that you and your guests will be amazed by the different huge terraces where you can have a look at the wonderful seaview ! Your wedding will be magical during the day but also by night in this castle.

Last but not least, this wedding venue in Nice is located in a middle of a vineyard. The history of the vineyard is very interesting and you can taste the local wines and the local olive oil. The production is not very big, that’s the reason why, you can only drink the wine of the castle between Nice and Monaco. As you can see, this castle is a very exclusive wedding venue in Nice …and if you want to know more, just ask me about Coco Chanel. She is linked with this wedding venue in Nice.

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  1. Hello,

    This place is very nice, and it’s close to where we live, Monaco.

    Can you please send us more info about the prices for the rent, if the dinner will be included in price.
    We will marry in may2013, with about 70 guests.

    Waiting for your kind reply

  2. Hi Casey,

    Do you have a name or a website for this castle, it looks amazing! We are looking to get married in the Nice-area in september 2014, do you have any more recomendations?

    Kind regards


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