Wedding in a French vineyard

This summer, our team of event planners will organise a beautiful wedding in a French vineyard. This is why today, we’re pleased to present you some pictures of this venue. I am sure many of you dream of a wedding in a French vineyard.

This vineyard is located in the south of France at 45 minutes from Cannes. The nearest airport is consequently Nice. What I really like in this venue is that the property is really big. It is surronded with the vineyard, so you can easily imagine some perfect pictures of the bridal couple or even a ceremony with guests. There is also a nice garden with jasmine where you can organise a ceremony or an outside dinner.

Then, there is a big room with a view on the barrels where you can dance until 5 a.m ! The second good point of this venue for a wedding in a French vineyard is its hotel. Indeed, there is in the property a stylish hotel where you can accomodate many guests. So if you wish to stay a couple of days with all of your guests, that’s perfect.

Thus, it’s quite easy to do a brunch one the day after the wedding party at the swimming pool of the hotel. More over the owners have created specific tour to discover the huge property with quads for instance.

So what do you think of this venue for a wedding in a French vineyard ?

трихомониаз лечение

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  1. Hello Claire,
    I am interested in the vineyard wedding venue on your site. How much would it cost to hire including food for approx 60-70 guests? I would be interested in having cermony/blessing here also. I would be looking at June/July/Aug or late Sep this year 2011.

    Kind Regards,

    Claire Bowens

  2. Hello Claire,
    I am interested in the vineyard wedding venue on your site. How much would it cost to hire including food for approx 80 guests? I would be interested in having cermony/blessing here too. I would be looking at early Sept 2012.

    Kind Regards,


  3. hello!!
    i am interrested in this venue.
    Could you please send me cost and details and any additional services.
    thanks very much


  4. I am interested in having a wedding in France next summer – June/July. Could you please advise me of the costs for a wedding with approximately 70 guests please?


    1. Dear Laura

      Many thanks for your message on our blog
      I have a few questions for you : I’ll send you a message


  5. Hello Claire,

    I am interested in holding our wedding next year Mar-May. Could you please send me approx cost for 30 pax?


  6. Hi I am also very interested in this property, could you send me more information for a wedding next august/September 2012 for 70 people


  7. I am interested in the much would it cost for 60 guests next july/august..what is included? possible extras?

  8. Hi
    im interested in holding a wedding in the south of france in the summer of 2013 and ill be having appox 60 guest please can you advise me on a cost



    1. Hi Megan
      I saw your other comment on the blog. To give you an idea 250 euros per person all included is a good wedding budget

  9. Hello Claire
    We are interested in finding out costs for a wedding in early May 2012. There would be between 30-50 guests (depending on cost). We would like an approximate quote for a cermony/blessing, food and accomodation.
    Many thanks
    Emily & Ben

  10. Hi, can you pass me on some information over this property/Hotel accommodation (price, location, … )
    I will be happy to discuss some other places as well, as I am looking for a place for next September.

  11. Bonjour,

    My boyfriend and I are looking for a nice venue on a vinyard for a simple wedding in July or August of 2012. We anticipate 50 guests. Could you kindly contact me at your soonest convenience?

    Kind regards,

  12. Apologies for my poor French – I thought I was sending an emailing not writing a post. Please can you delete my post from the website and reply to me via email?

    Apologies again.


  13. I am interested any vineyard venues you have. Can you please tell me about all the ones you have available for ceremony and reception, their locations, costs for each and services you provide for each such as food and accomodation etc. I’m looking to have 60-80 guests in the summer of 2013-2014 and would like to get an idea of whats available at what costs.

    Many thanks


  14. Hi,

    This venue is beautiful! Me and my fiancé are looking to get married September 2013 or beginning of summer 2014. We are looking for a vineyard where we can have the ceremony and reception for 90-120 guests. Would you be above to send me an approximate quote and details of this venue and any others you recommend? We would like it to be around this area of France.

    Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you

    Jemma xx

  15. Hi,

    Interested in May 2014 wedding at French Vinyard. We would like ceremony and food. Approximately 80-100 guests. A lot of our friends have children, are they at a reduced rate? Not sure how this all works yet!

    Thanks, G

  16. Dear Claire,

    I really like the venue posted above…is it still doing weddings and can you contact me with more info.

    I’d have about 40 or 60, and they would all need accommodation too.

    Many thanks


    1. Dear Emma

      This venu is still welcoming weddings and can accomodate your guests too
      When do you want to get married ?


  17. Hi there

    Am looking to organise a wedding for about 100 people either sept 2014 or May 2015

    Love the idea of a vineyard

    Could you provide an outline of costs – love the look of this place

    Ideally would have close family the the night before

    Wedding ceremony food and drink

    Kind regards


  18. Hi,
    I’m enquiring as to the cost to get married Septemeber 2014 at the vineyard for 30 guests and a link to accommodation for them etc. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  19. Dear Claire,

    This place looks perfect. We are getting married summer 2015 and are inviting 120 guest, could you please provide me with some more details regarding the place?


  20. Hello,

    I’m researching wedding venues on behalf of a client for their wedding in April 2015. They would like a Château/vineyard/castle in the South of France. It should be able to accommodate around 30 guests for a 3/4 night stay and have ceremony and reception facilities on site. Do you have any availability? If so could you please send me more information on prices?


  21. Hi,

    We are considering a vineyard wedding for ca 200 in south of France. Can you please contact us with more details about the venue above and to discuss further?

    Tor and Natalia

  22. Hi,

    Is this venue still available for weddings? I am looking to book something for August 2018, approx. 50 guests.

    Many Thanks


  23. Hello,
    I’m looking for a wedding venue to accommodate ~200-250 people for sometime in August 2017. Please let me know if this is possible.

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