Wedding in Cannes : be a star for your wedding day !

When you’re famous and especially if you’re worlwide famous, there is a place to be in Cannes ! If you are thinking of a wedding in Cannes, and if you want to feel like a star, this place can be privatized for your wedding in Cannes !  This amazing and stylish venue is perfect  when you have more or less 120-150 guests.

Indeed, you can enjoy a beautiful area outdoor for the aperitive. The decoration is extremely fancy. It’s inspired by the Asian and Indian traditions but with a very modern approach. The light decoration is also really well done and you can select one single color for your wedding in Cannes or you can prefer  to change colors during the night. Imagine that Madonna, Eva Longoria or Brad Pitt came to this so glamourous place.

So if you’re interested in this venue for your wedding in Cannes, I recommend to consider the months of April, June, September or October. Indeed in May, there is the film festival in Cannes. As a matter of fact, it’s not possible to privatize for events except the ones for the film festival. Summer isn’t the best period of time, because there are many tourists in Cannes and the prices are really huge.


Let us know if you’re interested in a wedding in Cannes !

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  1. Hi,

    I am in the process of planning my wedding for September 2011 and am interested in the venue that you feature in the « wedding in Cannes » venue. Please can you let me know the name of the venue?
    Many thanks,

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  3. Hi,

    I would like some information regarding the venue that you feature on your websites in Cannes. I would like to know the cost and available wedding packages to hire venue out.

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Claire

    I would like to find out more information on this location such as price and whether this is only for the reception or can include the wedding ceremony.

    Thank you!


  5. My daughter is getting married in Peymeinade, at a villa we have rented. She is worried about it raining, as the ceremony and dinner/dancing is all outside. Do you know a company that might hire canopies/gazebos on a standby basis? or who we could ask to get a quote so when we know what the weather is going to do, we can make a move to bring them. It is a problem. She is getting married on 26th July
    thank you. I can’t seem to find the right websites.

  6. Hi Can you please send me information about this venue for a wedding for 120 people in Sept 2013? Many thanks, Caitriona

    1. Hello

      Thanks for your two comments
      I will answer to you by email
      The two venues you like are very different
      Talk to you soon


  7. Hi
    We are going in a mediterran cruise next may and are stopping in Cannes on may 11th, I am enquirying is it possible to get married in Cannes? We would be looking to do a church or beach ceremony  followed by drinks and canopies before we go back to the boat . we have 50-60 guests

  8. This looks perfect for what Im looking for, looking to get married next june, could you let me know the name of the venuw and any further information you have please, thank you

  9. Hi Claire,

    I’m looking to get married net June in Cannes. Not sure if you can help out but i am not having any guess at my wedding, it is just me and my fiancee that traveling over and since i have no idea where to start and how to plan the wedding day, im asking if you can help out.

    Please let me know.


    1. Dear Nas

      I can help you of course, but I can only organise for you a symbolic ceremony with a celebrant.
      Indeed, it is not possible to be legally married in France if you are not a French resident
      Anyway, it is possible in other countries and I will be happy to give you contact of wedding planners who are able to organise a civil wedding in their countries

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