Wedding venue in Aix en Provence

Provence is one of the most beautiful area to get married in France, and as far as I am concerned, I like very much Aix en Provence and its surrondings. There’s a lof of properties and I really like this specific wedding venue below. Besides; I think Aix en Provence is an area easy to reach even if you live abroad as the Marseille-Marignane airport is very closed by. From Paris, the train is a good idea too. Then, once you’re in Aix en Provence, you’re between the Mediterranean sea and the Luberon …a good opportunity for you and your guests to do enjoy both areas.

This wedding venue in Aix en Provence, is the perfect place to organize a beautiful, romantic and chic party. First of all, you have many possibilities in this wedding venue. You can organise the wedding ceremony in the park, under the pergola or even inside in case of bad weather. The renting of the wedding venue in Aix en Provence includes 5 bedrooms with bathrooms, a 300m² terrace, the swimming pool, a 220m² reception room and a 180m² glass roofed room.

You can easily welcome 200 guests for your wedding but you’ll feel at ease even with 50 or 80 guests. This wedding venue isnot too big for small wedding and above all there is no time limit, so you and your guests can dance until 5 am ! If you’re interested in renting this wedding venue in Aix en Provence, the prices are 5900€ for the Saturday from 2 pm until the Sunday morning 11 am on June, July and August. It can be less expensive on May and September (5400€), and even less expensive during the other months (4400€).

By the way, tables and chairs are inclused up to 250 guests for a wedding. And if you’re interested in this wedding venue in Aix en Provence, note that weekdays can be cheaper !

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  1. we are intersted in this venue for our wedding september 2013, could you please let us know the accomadation nubers for the venue.

    many thanks
    lisa bodur

  2. Hi Claire,

    Me and my partner are very interested in this venue. I am English and he is from Marseille. I will be inviting around 30 people from England for the wedding so will need rooms for them all to stay, can you recommend hotels near this venue. What is the price for2014 in july? There is alot we need to sort out so if you are able to help me that would be great.



  3. hello, I would be interested in your property for a car launch in May 2015: 15-31/05/15
    Please contact me at my email address or call 00377 97 70 70 35

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