Wedding venue in Luberon

Luberon is one of the most beautiful area in the southeast of France, and as I am used to go there, I would like to present you this charming and luxury wedding venue in Luberon. This is the perfect place to spend a whole week-end with your guests. Indeed, this venue must be rented during 3 nights at least for a wedding.

If you wish to rent the whole venue for your wedding in Luberon, you’ll have access to 17 rooms and 10 apartments. There is also a possibility to rent another building with 12 additional bedrooms. So most of your guests can stay in the property during the week-end of your wedding !

The venue is indeed an hotel with a 2 stars restaurant. You’ll have the guarantee of a delicious food and a perfect service in this wedding venue in Luberon. Besides, there are specific packages for wedding dinner (from 195€ per person) and the brunch for the day after (from 70€ per person). Of course, this venue in Luberon is not the most affordable one, but if you wish to celebrate an exceptionnal wedding, this is the place to be !

If you are interested in this wedding venue in Luberon, you should take into account that the minimum price to rent the whole property for 3 nights is 15000€

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  1. This beautiful wedding venue is surrounded by a gorgeous park with 3 century-old trees, a river, an old mill, a reception room set in an old restored barn, terraces and basins… You are in another world.

  2. Today I would like to show you this beautiful wedding venue in Provence. Situated in Lubéron, in a grounds of olive trees, this charming hotel has 19 bedrooms and 2 apartments, so you can easily accomodate a part of your guests.

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