Wedding venue in the French Provence !

I recently discover this beautiful castle in the middle of the French Provence. This place is a vineyard but the owner decided to welcome weddings and corporate events. I am sure you’ll love this wedding venue in the French Provence.

First of all, what I really like is the architecture of the main building which is really elegant and stylish. I also like the gardens all around this wedding venue in the French Provence.  They are really well kept and there is 3 kind of gardens. One is a small vineyard where you can learn about the wine industry. The second one is full of flowers and the third one is a large area with big trees …the ideal place for an aperitive in the summer !

To organise your dinner, I recommend the main area in front of this wedding venue in the French Riviera, especially if you wish to have diner outside. Otherwise, there is a room big enough for 120 guests. It’s not situated in the main building but it is made with old stones.

Regarding decoration, everything can be done. Why don’t you consider the vineyard for the ceremony, the large garden for the aperitive, using trees to set up decorations and finish by an elegant dinner in front of the castle

I am sure you’re dreaming of this wedding venue in the French Provence !

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