Winter wedding in the French Alps

I recently discovered this charming hotel which is perfect to organise an intimate winter wedding in the French Alps. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to welcome in the reception room 70 guests more or less. Besides, you can accomodate easily on site 24 guests. Hotels are nearby, so everybody will find a place to stay.

Be aware that if you want to organise a winter wedding in the French Alps, it’s better to take into account the school holidays. Indeed, this is the high season and all the hotels are fully booked. Even the wedding venues will be much more flexible with you if you prefer to get married in mid-season.

But do not worry, you will have enough snow. The French holidays starts for Xmas until the first week of January. Then, there are new holidays from mid-February to mid-March. Thus you can find between each period some week end to organise your winter wedding in the French Alps.

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