Your wedding in a medieval castle and a vineyard

This is the most incredible castle I found in the French Provence and that’s the reason why I recommend it to you for your wedding in France. Located in the middle of a very famous vineyard, this castle is now a luxury hotel with reasonnable prices. You can invite 100 guests to your wedding in France and there is accomodation for 22 people.

The architecture of this French castle is absolutely amazing and there is no other castle like this one ! The most surprising point is the arrival. First, the castle appears in the middle of the French vineyard and little by little you discover the spirit of this venue. Besides, the owners are so friendly that this is a pleasure to collaborate with them for your wedding in France.

You can imagine your wedding ceremony in the courtyard of the castle or maybe in the vineyard …then your wedding in France can begin with a cocktail on the swimming pool area. The view is totally fabulous. The dinner has to be inside in the castle, which is quite good because you can organise easily your wedding in France here in May, June or September. Indeed, by night, it’s sometimes better to be inside.био резонансная терапия

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  2. Hi, That looks like a fantastic place to get married, and something very similar to what we are looking for! Where is this place exactly? whats the name of the place? Thanks!

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